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May 7th 2017 Polonia in Vancouver  marked the  Anniversary of Polish May 3rd Constitution and International Polonia Day 

Traditionally as every year, the Canadian Polish Congress organized the 226th Anniversary of the May 3rd Constitution while marking the Polish Flag Day and the International Polonia Day. Great occasion to celebrate the proud moments of our heritage and our Polish roots.  

This year  was a historical one because our guest Deputy Mayor, Councellor Raymond Lauie, presented the proclamation of  the City of Vancovuer.  This document signed by the Mayor of  Vancouver,  Mr. Gregor Robertson, proclaimed May 2nd 2017 to be Polish-Canadian Day.  

This is a memorable and important moment because with this proclamation we celebrated the  

Polish-Canadian's being a valued part of Canadian Society in our area. We are proud of these accomplishements and the fact they are  being recognized and acknowledged is priceless. 

Canadian Polish Congress had an opportunity to thank and recognize  many familiar and valued members of our community. This is because of your work, time, and effort the Polish culture and traditions are still alive in British Columbia and Canada.


Thanks to all who helped  put the afternoon together, our MCs , artists, children and guests.


Please enjoy the documentary film by Jerzy Kusmider. 

Pictures : Isabela Sobieski, Andrew Sobieski, Miroslaw Kuras

Traditional dance polonez - performed by Dance Group PT Zgoda 'Polonez'

Deputy Mayor Raymond Louie presenting the proclamation of Polish-Canadian Day to the President of Canadian Polish Congress BC Branch Iwona Swiatczak

Flag Marshals Frank Wilson, SPK W. Lenartowicz, SPK R. Slawski, CPC BC , SPK

Receiving Pro-Patria, Leszek Buczylko SPK Vancouver

Guest - Deputy Mayor Raymond Louie

Marek Sztabkowski - received Krzyz Wolnosci i Solidarnosci

Leszek Buczylko recognized with the Pro-Patria pin by Polish Government for his contributions to preserving the history and historical traditions in Canada

Jan Zaklikowski - honred with Krzyz Wolnosci i Solidarnosci as well as Krzyz Kawelerski Orderu Odrodzenia Polski

Jan, Zaklikowski, with Consul RP Marcin Trzcinski

Historical proclamation by City of Vancouver From the left, A. Kopczynski, CPC BC U. Sulinska, Belweder M. Trzcinski, Consul RP R. Lauie, Deputy Mayor I. Swiatczak, President of CPC BC

Honorary CPC BC Plaques received Stanislaw Jaworski. Elizabeth Kozlowski and Edward Gacek

Mr. Raymond Lauie

Presenting the proclamation of the City of Vancouver to Iwona Swiatczak, President of Canadian Polish Congress BC

Elizabeth Kozlowski and Allan Rudzki - the MCs of the event

Learning a poem in Polish - not that easy for the second generation. Here are children from Polish School OLGC in Surrey.

Dominik Lackowic, Maxymilian, Karolina and Natalia Czulinski

CPC BC Pins received Gold Pin - Teresa Rakowska Bronz Pins Andrew Stasiak and Adrew Dobrowolski


Choir 'Polish Tunes'

Consul RP in Vancovuer M. Trzcinski

Gold CPC Pin received Mrs. T. Rakowska, Polish Women Federation, A. Stasiak, Belweder North Shore Association

Brons CPC BC Pin receipient - Mr. Andrew Stasiak from The Polish North Shore Association Belweder

From the left, E. Kozlowski A. Rudzki R. Zwierzchowska A. Kopczynski I. Swiatczak

Traditional 'Polonez' Dance performed by PT Zgoda Dance Group also called 'Polonez'

Presenting the Proclamation of May 2nd - Polish-Canadian Day A. Kopczynski, Director CPC BC, M. Trzcinski, Consul RP in Vancovuer R. Louie , Deputy Mayor City of Vancovuer I. Swiatczak, President CPC BC

From the left A, Kopczynski, Director, CPC BC U. Sulinska, Belweder North Shore Polish Association, M. Trzcinski, Consul RP R. Lauie, Deputy Mayor of City of Vancouver I. Swiatczak, President CPC BC

From the left I. Swiatczak T. Rakowska A. Stasiak A. Kopczynski

Recognition Diplomas were presented to Mrs. R. Zwierzchowska, Mr. A. Rudzki

CPC BC honorary plaques were awarded to S. Jaworski, for 20 years of service as flag marshal E. Kozlowski, for her work in multiple organizations including Vancouver Polish Theatre, PT Agoda, Hubertus Club and CPC BC On the stage with I. Swiatczak and A. Kopczynski from CPC BC

Congress presented funding for Polish Schools in Vancouver and Surrey, as well as for Polish Cultural Day in Port Coquitlam and North Vancvouer

Canadian Polish Congress supports Polish Schools and Polish Cultural Days in Port Coquitlam as well as Polish Festival in North Vancovuer.

Renata and Jerzy Zwierzchowski. Renata received recognition diploma for her great work on renovation and restoration of the Canadian Polish Congress flag

Choir 'Polish Tunes'

On the picture, W. Lenartowicz, S. Jaworski and F. Wilson SPK, and Barbara Bartnik, choreograf of the Dance Group Polonez

From the left, J. Kusmider, U. Sulinska, President Belweder I. Sobieski, Belweder A. Kopczynski, CPC BC E. Skrzymowska, President SPK I. Swiatczak, President CPC BC R. Slawski, CPC BC, SPK, M. Trzcinski, Consul RP

Flag Marshals

R. Slawski, W. Lenartowicz

2017 CPC Honorary Pins and Awards 
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