Anniversary of May 3rd Polish Constitution, International Polonia Day and Polish Flag Day - May 5th 2019

Documentary film from the event by J. Kusmider

Pictures E. Kusmider 

On behalf of the organizers of the event I would like to extend thanks to all guests and participating artists from Polish Schools in Surrey and Vancouver,  the Dance Group Polonez from PT ZGODA, the choir 'Polish Tunes' from Maple Ridge. Special thanks to Canadian Polish Congress members  and the members of PVA BC for the help to make the annual event of May 3rd Constitution Anniversary and International POLONIA Day very special and successful. Thanks to J. Kusmider and E. Kusmider for film and pictures,  to Flag Marshals from CPC BC, SPK and PVA for your participation during the mass in the intention of motherland Poland, to o. Slawomir Oblak for the beautiful and touching church service on May 5th 2019.