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25th Anniversary of Saturday Polish School in Surrey

On October 29, 2017, the Saturday Polish School in Surrey together with Polish Parish Community celebrated the 25th Anniversary of the school. 


The Director of the school Mrs. Danuta Szmigielska is involved with the school from its beginnings. We as parents are very grateful for her hard work and commitment to keep Polish traditions, language and values alive. 


The celebration started with the Mass at the OLGC church and was followed by the anniversary dinner and artistic program prepared by Polonez Dance Group.


During the official part, Mr. Tony Jochlin read the letter from Polish Consulate General in Vancouver.  The Canadian Polish Congress members Iwona Swiatczak, President, and Andrew Dobrowolski Vice-President presented the honorary recognition plaque as well as the donation to the school.  President of Tri-City Polonez Association Tony Kostka also congratulated the staff and presented the donation from the members of an association. 

We would like once again congratulate the Director Danuta Szmigielska and the teachers as well as father Jan Staszel and all members of Surrey Catholic Community. Thank you for the hard work and the time you devoted to our little ones. Please see the picture story from this event. 

Pictures J. Dobrowolska







Congratulations again to all teachers in Polish Saturday School in Surrey 


Danuta Szmigielska

Ks. Jan Staszel SDB

Danuta Rutkowska,

Renata Donohue,

Małgorzata Forseille,

Ewa Niesułowska,

Sylwia Kubera,

Ewa Żukiewicz,

Kasia Buda


Teachers who received the recognition diplomas:

Gabriela Stefek - 24 years of work

Agata Plonkowska - 10 years of work at school 


Awards for students: Adam Czecholiński, siblings Joanna i Piotr Kaczmarek, Eryk Kwapich.

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