Black Ribbon Day was formally adopted in 2009 as A Canadian Day of National Remembrance for the Victims of Nazi and Communist Totalitarianism in Europe. 


This year,  the event was organized by Canadian Polish Congress BC, and Polish Catholic community in Surrey in OLGC Parish.


Special thanks to Father Jan Staszel and Mrs. Danuta Smigielska for your help with hosting the Black Ribbon Day 2016. 


The annual event recalls the signing of the 1939 friendship treaty between Nazi Germany and Soviet Russia, which triggered the Nazi and Soviet invasion of Poland in September 1939, and the start of the Second World War.

Black Ribbon Day was organized in the 1980’s by members of the Central and Eastern European communities in Canada to protest the ongoing Communist occupation of Central and Eastern European states. The movement spread to the United States, Europe and other countries around the world.


The purpose of the Day of Remembrance is to preserve the memory of the victims of mass deportations and exterminations while promoting democratic values with the aim of reinforcing peace and stability in Europe. 


Distingueshed guests included representatives of Polish , Estonian and Ukrainian communities: 

Consul Marcin Trzcinski, Consulate of RP in Vancouver, 

Honorary Consul of Estonia, Mr Harry Jaako 

Executive Members of Vancouver Estonian Society : Mr. Arvo Marits and Mr. Aarne Tork

Honorary Consul of Ukraine, Mr. Lubomyr Huculak

Executive Members of Ukrainian Canadian Congress : Mr. Alex Kovalenko,

Mr. Myroslav Petriw, Ms. Sofiya Pylypenko

Members of Ukrainian Orthodox Church : Ms. Oksana Satsevich, Mr. Roman Bobrownik and Mr. and Mrs. Anatoliy Ciacka 



Pictures J. Dobrowolska, R. Slawski

Black Ribbon Day - August 2016