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White Eagle Polish Association in Victoria
105. Anniversary of Poland Regaining Independence 
Nov 14, 2023

A Memorable Evening at White Eagle Polish Hall: "Halka" Performance

The President of the Canadian Polish Congress BC Michael K. Dembek, had the honor to join esteemed guests, including Canadian Polish Congress President HM John Tomczak and Consulate General of the Republic of Poland in Vancouver Consul General of Poland Aleksandra Kucy, at the captivating Theatre “Bravo” performance of "Halka" at the White Eagle Polish Association Polish Hall.

The event showcased the deep cultural ties that bind Canada and Poland, emphasizing the role of the arts in preserving our shared heritage. Witnessing the enchanting performance was a reminder of the enduring connections that transcend borders and strengthen the bonds between our nations. Here's to more moments that celebrate the beauty of our collective history and shared cultural experiences.

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