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June 8th  2019 - Graduation at St. Casimir's Polish School 




Polish Parish Days  are popular June destination  for our community. Marks end of school year in the Polish school, and this year there was no different. 

We are very proud of the efforts of the director  S. Bernadette Gosciniak , S. Renata Bochenek and teachers at the school and the achievements of the students. Congratulation and keep doing amazing job. 

Invited guests were Consul of the Republic of Poland M. Trzcinski, President of Canadian Polish Congress I. Swiatczak and President of Tri-City Polonez Association A. Kostka.   We are happy on behalf of Colonia organizations  to make a donation to help with the supplies at school. 

If you feel generous , we are encourage to support language programs in BC. You can donate to the schools directly or at the main page of this website. Your help will  go a long way to support our programs.

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