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History of 'Pacyfik' Newspaper


The Pacyfic Polish biweekly newspaper dates April 12, 1992 when readers got the first promotional paper.


The goal was to integrate Canadian Polish comminities in British Columbia, sharing community information and events, as well as promoting activities of various Polish Canadian organizations existing in the area.


The following were the founder members of 'Pacific' : Zbigniew Owczarzak, Janusz Kupczyk, Anna Kopczynski. The rest of archives below is in original format - Polish Language because it was produced for Polish speaking readers. 



Special thanks to Andrzej Kopczynski, Anna Kopczynska i Andrzej Manuski for providing original materials and information. Page prepared by Iwona Swiatczak, Canadian Polish Congress BC

Please browse through scanned materials for more details... several pages of 'Pacyfik' Magazine are provided in this slideshow in the original ( Polish ) format. 


Scan 140200028_edited.jpg

Scan 140200028_edited.jpg

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