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Polish Culture Day in Port Coquitlam - May 2018

This year's Polish Cultural Day in Port Coquitlam was very successful. The record numbers of visitors attended this annual and well known in the area event. What a beatutiful day to meet friends, taste amazing foods and Polish Beer.


As every year, our Polonez Dance Group showcased their beutiful dances and costiums. Polonia is very proud of all young people and their parents who spend countless hours being involved in continuatues activities.

 Vsiting from Victoria, the White Eagle Band has many funs here on mainland. Thank you for coming and taking part in the festivities.


Many thanks to organizers, Tri-City Polonez Association, voluteers  and artists for your hard work to make the day memorable.


Please see the pictures and films from the event, as well as the note from the organizers below. 

Pic. J. Dobrwolska, M. Szlachta, A. Jaskiewicz

Film K. Woloczko, J. Kusmider

Documentary films  by K. Woloczko and J. Kusmider

Polonez Tri-City Polish Association Thanks


Polonez Tri-City Polish Association extends a heartfelt thank-you to all who made the Polish Culture & Heritage Day celebration possible. 

We are very grateful to the Polish Consulate in Vancouver and the City of Port Coquitlam for their patronage & continuous support. We thank father Jan Staszel, together with the Knights of Columbus, for their help and support. We also thank the Polish Fishing & Hunting Club  “Hubertus” and the Polish Canadian Women’s Federation for their help. We thank our generous sponsors, artists, young MCs and all the volunteers. We are grateful for the work of children, who participated in the contest “Poland – my heritage” and to their parents for their encouragement. We thank all the artists, crafters, organizations  & vendors who participated in our marketplace. We thank all of you who came to take part in our beautiful celebration of Polish Culture. 

With your consistent support & enthusiasm we were able to provide the community with another day of beauty, culture & fun. Thank you again & till the next time, 


Antoni Kostka ​

President of Polonez Tri-City Polish Association 

Polonez Dance Group 
Arts , crafts and more ...
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