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The Ministrer of Poland A.M.Anders pays visit to Vancouver 

During her visit in Vancouver Minister Anders, the daughter of Gen. Wladyslaw Anders  had several opportunities to meet Polonia in our area as well as take part in the commemoration of the Katyn Masacre and catastrofy of Polish Govt. plane in Smolensk . The President of Canadian Polish Congress BC I. Swiatczak presented the Minister Anders with the book titled 'A Shared History Canada and Polish Diaspora 1940-1970' by M.A. Jarochowska-de Kosko to commemorate the visit in Vancouver. Below you will find documentary films as well as photo relation from this visit. 

film by J. Kusmider

photos by R. Slawski, I. Swiatczak, A. Kopczynski

Apr 8th - the visit in Polish Combatants Association 
Minster Anna Maria Anders

M. Trzcinski, Consulate RP Minister A. M. Anders M. Boniewski, Consulate RP

Min Anders and Consul Trzcinski

Min. Anders and Consul Trzcinski with President E. Skrzymowska and members of SPK

Konsul RP M. Trcinski

Min. Anders with Konsul Trcinski and SPK President E. Skrzymowska and the combatant H. Radziszewki

Min. Anders with a group of Veterans W. Wierzbicki, J. Jaworkski, H. Radziszewski F. Wilson Z. Przybylak

Minister and Senator A.M.Anders I. Swiatczak, President CPC BC

W. Wierzbick A.M.Anders Dr. Duchowska W.Lenartowicz J. Kusmider

B. Nizio, Minister Anders F. Wilson

Minister A.M. Anders U. Sulinska, President of Belweder North Shore Polish Association

April 8, 2017 - meeting Polish combatants in SPK Vancouver. 

Film prepared by J. Kusmider

April 9, 2017 -  St Casimir Church , Mass to commemorate Massacre in Katyn and the tragedy of Polisth Airforce catastrophy in Smolensk. Second part of the event took place in Polish Combatants Hall (SPK)

Film by J. Kusmider

M. Trzcinski, Konsul RP I. Swiatczak, President CPC BC A.M.Anders, Minister and Senator in Polish Government E. Skrzymowska, President SPK, J. Freeman, President Polish Women Federation

From the left H. Skowronska, SPK Minister A.M.Anders I. Swiatczak, CPC BC R. Slawski, SPK, CPC BC E. Skrzymowska, SPK, CPC BC

M. Trzcinski, I. Swiatczak

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