Concert to mark the 150th Anniversary of Canada, the  25th Anniversary of Consulate  of Poland in Vancouver and 20th Anniversary of The Vancouver Chopin Society. Saturday October 14th, 2017



In Vancouver Playhouse on Oct. 14, 2017 Maria Pomianowska and her Folk Band,  invited by The Vancouver Chopin Society presented the programme "Chopin in Folk Style". The audience had a unique opportunity of listening to the sounds of the past tradition. Pomianowska and her colleagues presented Mazurkas, Polkas, Kujawiaks and songs that would have been heard by the young Chopin when he spent his holidays in the Mazovian villages. 


The main attraction was the 4 string suka, the instrument that has been reconstructed based on iconographic sources since no specimen of the instrument had survived. The prototype played by Maria Pomianowska is the first accurate reconstruction of this beautifully ornate instrument. Other instruments featured are flutes, accordion, and different kinds of drums. 


Maria Pomianowska and her Folk Band: 

Maria Pomianowska, vocal, Bilgoray suka, Plock fiddle, arrangement

Pawel Betley, flutes, duduk

Aleksandra Kauf, vocal, Bilgoray suka

Hubert Giziewski, accordion

Patrycja Napierala, drums

Gwidon Cybulski, vocal, jaw harp, harmoinca, didgeridoo, djembe, balafon

Lukasz Mikolajczyk, piano

Polonez Dance Group, Barbara Bratnik choreography

Canada West Chamber Orchestra plus international guest musicians


During the intermission Consul, M. Trzcinski greeted all honorary guests. President CPC BC I. Swiatczak congratulated The Consulate of The Republic of Poland in Vancouver on their 25th Anniversary of service to polish Canadians in western Canada. The honorary Canadian Polish Congress plaque was presented to Consul M. Trzcinski to commemorate the occasion. 


We would like to congratulate The Vancouver Chopin Society and its President Iko Bylicki on the 20th Anniversary and the beautiful concert. It was just one of many concerts planned and organized by this committed to classical music society. 


Please take time to browse the pictures from the event. 




Pictures J. Dobrowolska, T. Przystupa

Few tunes from the concert ...