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History of  'Takie Zycie'


'Takie Zycie' originates back in Sept 16, 1995 when we got this paper for the first time.


Since then we could count on the information being delivered, articles being posted and pictures provided not only from other parts of the world, but also we could see what  is happening here in our community. Thanks to Mr. Andrzej Manuski who attended practically all events, we could know first hand about everything what happened in Polish Community. 


20th Anniversary of  Polish Magazine 'Takie Zycie'


On May 3rd 2015 we celebrated 20 Years of 'Takie Zycie'. 


Mr. Andrzej Manuski, Editor of Chief of the Polish Language bi-weekly paper for Western Canada was recognized for his contritutions to the Polish-Canadian community during the Annual May 3rd Polish Constitution Concert. 


Please enjoy the short documentary film - History of 'Takie Zycie' as well as pictures from the event. 



Photos: Iwona Swiatczak



Please take a look at the very beginnings of this known by every Polish Canadian in British Columbia and Canada paper.  Click on each image to have the full size readable version of presented documents. 


Special thanks to Mr. Andrzej Manuski and Mr. Andrzej Kopczynski for materials and archives. 

Jun 27th 2016 is the date when magazine 'Takie Zycie' is officially retired together with its Editor Andrzej Manuski. 


Below are the pictures done at the Retirement Party, where Kongress, Polonia Organizations, Friends and Family met to help celebrate and say thanks to Andrzej for over 22 years of his commitment to the 'Takie Zycie'  and Polonia.  


Please click on the picture below for more abut this event. 

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