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Zbigniew Kupczynski - artist, painter, poet living in Vancouver, British  Columbia, Canada


Zbigniew Kupczynski - well known Polish-Canadian artist turns 90 in November 2018. Please see few pictures from a visit to the very welcoming home of Zbigniew and Eva Kupczynski. On behalf of Canadian Polish Congress I would like to thank you for the time, stories and an opportunity to get to know you and admire the paintings that you create with so much passion. We wish Zbigniew many more years in health, following his artistic visions.

Visited: Iwona Swiatczak, President of CPC BC and Leszek Mazur, friend of the family. 

pics I. Swiatczak

Zbigniew Kupczynski  talks about himself , and what in his life ignited his passion for creating art.  

On  November 28, 2018 the artist celebrated his 90th birthday.


What an interesting and creative life. Zbigniew shares with us today the stories from his life and his art. Please see below the author's biography, some of his vibrant paintings and few pictures taken during this memorable visit. At 90 years young... Zbigniew is as busy as before creating his paintings and poems. Full of energy and good humour.  He even sang for us a christmas song that he has written recently. 

Scannable Document on Feb 19, 2018 at 6_

Thanks to Zbigniew for sharing the interesting stories with the viewers.


Zbigniew can be contacted via his Facebook. 

More interesting videos and songs by Zbigniew Kupczynski are on his youtube channel. 

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