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Canadian Polish Congress' mission is to help promote initiatives of all existing Polonia organizations and associations in British Columbia. KPK - Canadian Polish Congress is here to cement Polish-Canadian community together and to help each other to leave our legacy in Canada. There were amazing and dedicated members of Polish-Canadian Community engaged in starting and expanding Polish clubs and organizations in the past, we have exceptional people in our Polonia today, we want to have strong and proud community in the future for our kids and grandkids.

                     Executive Board  

Michael Kristian Dembek  
President of CPC BC 
filip jaworski headshot.jpeg
Konrad Kobielewski
Vice President of CPC BC

Introduction of Konrad Kobielewski 
filip jaworski headshot.jpeg
Filip Jaworski 
Vice President of CPC BC
Kamil Borys 
Officer Director 
Secretary CPC BC  

Introduction of Kamil Borys 
Izabela Sobieski 
 Officer Treasurer
Propagation of Good Names of Poland, Polish, CPC and Polish Organizations 

Elected Directors

Beata Grotkowska
Elected Director
Nomination Committee 
Iwona Swiatczak
Elected Director, Media Coordinator
Millenium Fund Coordinator
Urszula Sulinska
Elected Director

Heritage Committee 
Danuta Potworowska, 
Elected Director

Event Committee 

Committee Members 

Elzbieta Skrzymowska
Heritage Committee 
Janina Freyman 
Award Committee 
Alicja Cichecki
Event Committee 
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