History of Canadian Polish Congress in British Columbia

History of the Canadian Polish Congress is divided into two periods presented below. In the first period our Polish-Canadian umbrella organization in Canada was named the Federation of Polish Societies in Canada. The Federation was granted federal status on February 7, 1933, under Corporation Number #349500. The change of the name of our organization came to effect during the General Meeting held in Toronto 2-4 September 1944.


Prince (Ksiaze) Wlodzimierz Czetwertynski and his wife Elzbieta,

First President of  CPC/KPK in BC.


Prince ( Ksiaze )  Wlodzimierz Czetwertynski and his wife Elzbieta came to BC right after the end of the second World War. His full name was  Wlodzimierz Swiatopelk Czetwertynski , he comes from an old Polish family and was born in 1907 w Suchowale, Dolny Slask, Polska. He died in 1965 in Qualicum Beach, British Columbia. His wife, Elżbieta, daughter of Count Albert Wielopolski and Contessa Elżbieta Zamoyska died in Vancouver in 2004. Władysław and Elżbieta had two children: Jerzy (George) Czetwertynski and Krystyna Czetwertyńska. The House of Czetwertyński-Światopełk comes in direct lineage from Great Prince of Kiev Michail Światopolk II (from the Royal House of Rurik), who ruled the Principality of Kiev in XII century and died in 1113. 

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Pictures from Early History Of Canadian Polish Congress 

50 Anniversary of CPC/KPK   

      ~~~ 1994  ~~~

1994 was a very important year in Polish Community in British Columbia 


50th Anniversary of Canadian Polish Congress 

50th Anniversary of St Casimirs Parish 


In 1994 KPK/CPC BC cellebrated its 50th anniversary.

Please see the slideshow from this  event. 

Anniversary Celebrations 17 Sept 1994
 50 Years
of Canadian Polish Congress British Columbia


Documentary film:
Materials provided by Andrzej Kopczynski, Editing Jerzy Kusmider 
50 Years  Anniversary Celebrations  of Canadian Polish Congress British Columbia
1984 Pope John Paul II in Vancouver / Abbotsford

These were the times of "Solidarnosc" 





Wielka Orkiestra Swiatecznej Pomocy
with Jerzy Owsiak -  helping raise the funds 

      ~~~ 1994  ~~~     

Amazing event organized by Radio Gamma and Canadian Polish Congress

Nineties - History in Pictures - Canadian Polish Congress 

50th Anniversary Ball - Canadian Polish Congress celebrated in Hotel Vancouver, Pacific Ballroom, Octover 15, 1994

Polish Days 1995

Canadian Polish Congress sponsors a couple from Bosnia.  They had a warm welcoming party upon arrival to Canada. 

CPC/KPK BC meetings  - slideshow

May 4 2014  


70th Anniversary Gala

of Canadian Polish Congress  British Columbia 


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