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Our Mission 

Canadian Polish Congress' mission is to help promote initiatives of all existing Polonia organizations and associations in British Columbia. KPK - Canadian Polish Congress is here to cement Polish-Canadian community together and to help each other to leave our legacy in Canada. There were amazing and dedicated members of Polish-Canadian Community engaged in starting and expanding Polish clubs and organizations in the past, we have exceptional people in our Polonia today, we want to have strong and proud community in the future for our kids and grandkids.

    Executive Board  

Iwona Swiatczak   
President of CPC BC 
Media and Internet Director 
Andrzej Dobrowolski
Vice President of CPC BC ,
Board of  Directors Member, National Canadian Polish Congress  
Millenium Fund Coordinator/
Beata Grotkowska
Award Committee Director
Elzbieta Kuc-Schneider 
Vice President of CPC BC 
Director- Propagation of Good Names of Poland, Polish, CPC and Polish Organizations 
Izabela Sobieski Treasurer
Propagation of Good Names of Poland, Polish, CPC and Polish Organizations 
Ryszard Slawski
Flagship Marshal I/  
Director - Event Committee  

Committee    Members 

Grazyna Kapuscinska
Event Committee 
Joanna Mazur
Audit Committee 
Antoni Kostka
Audit Committee 
Janina Freyman 
Award Committee 
Elzbieta Skrzymowska
Heritage Committee 
Allan Rudzki 
Flagship Marshal II / Canadian-Polish 
Danuta Potworowska, 
Event Committee 
Urszula Sulinska
Heritage Committee 
Andrzej Kopczynski
Fund Raising Committee  


Iwona Swiatczak   
Media and Internet Committee Director 
Jun 2016 - last session KPK BC before the Summer break


Beata Grotkowska
President KPK BC 2013-2015

Sprawozdanie z pracy Kongresu Polonii Kanadyjskiej BC Kadencja 2013-2015

Below from the left: J. Kopplinger, G. Kapuscinska, I. Swiatczak, A Dobrowolski, B. Grotkowska, M. Karulis, A. Kostka, S. Jaworski, K. Brusilo, A. Kopczynski
CPC/KPK History 


History of Canadian Polish Congress in British Columbia 


Photo Gallery 


Canadian Polish Congress and Polish Community Events 


Blessings for the CPC BC Flag, 1994

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