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The President of CPC BC, Iwona Swiatczak had a pleasure to participate in the Annual General Meeting of Canadian Polish Congress in Hamilton, Ontario. 


This meeting was a great opportuniy to discuss and plan future work and  strategies for the Canadian Polish Congress. 

 Representing Polish - Canadian community across Canada to best of our abilities is CPC highest priority. 



CPC is determined to ensure the good name and strengh of Polonia and Poland is visible  in Canada. We put a lot of effort to ensure our contributions to life, development and growth of Canada are recognized and acknowledged. 


Please see pictures from the conference as well as from the following banquet, which was hosted by Polish Alliance Branch 2. 


Pictures: I. Swiatczak, Z. Cynar





KPK/CPC  Annual General Meeting October 13-15  Hamilton 2016 


T. Berezowski

T. Berezowski

I. Swiatczak, M. Malicki

I. Swiatczak, M. Malicki

J. Cytowski

J. Cytowski

W. Lizon - President Elect

W. Lizon - President Elect

Many distinguished guest joined Canadian Polish Congress on his annual fundraiser banquet. 


David Christopherson - MP Hamilton Centre (NDP)

Bob Bratina - MP Hamilton East - Stoney Creek (Liberal)

Patrick Brown - MPP Simcoe North - Leader of the Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario - Leader of the Official Opposition

Grzegorz Morawski - Consul General of the Republic of Poland in Toronto

Eleanor McMahon - MPP Burlington,  Minister of Tourism, Culture, and Sport (Liberal)

Monique Taylor - MPP Hamilton Mountain (Liberal)

Paul Miller - MPP Hamilton East - Stoney Creek (NDP)rlington.



T. Berezowski

T. Berezowski

Iwona Swiatczak, President of CPC BC with husband Slavek Swiatczak

New Board of Directors elected at the

Annual Members Meeting  in Hamilton 


President:Wladyslaw Lizon

1st Vicepresident Canadian Affairs:Ludwik Klimkowski

2nd Vicepresident Polish Affairs:Marek Domaracki

Treasurer:Elizabeth Morgan

Secretary General:Teresa Szramek


Regional Directors:

East:Marie Christine Palczak

Central:Grazyna Galenzowski

West:Halina Madej



 Teresa Berezowski

 Andrzej Dabrowski

 Andrzej Dobrowolski

 Grzegorz Dorozynski

 Natalia Kusendova

 Mike Kustra

 Maciej Piekarski

 Krystyna Reitmeier

 Dominik Roszak

 Artur Winogrodzki


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