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October 14, 2018 - Polish Women Federation Gala to mark the 60th anniversary 


With a beautiful Gala event , Polish Women Federation #4 in Vancouver marked their 60th Birthday. Congratulation to all ladies for their friendship, support and service to Polish Canadian community in BC over those years. You are a stellar example to all of us. There were many guests amongst them Mr. Michal Boniewski, representing Polish Consulate in Vancouver, Mrs. I. Swiatczak, President of Canadian Polish Congress BC,

Thanks to all artists, school from ST, Casimirs's Polish School, sponsors, supporters for the help and beautiful artistic program. Thanks to MCs E. Kuc-Schneider, A. Rudzki. Thanks to J Dobrowolska i J. Kusmider for documenting the celebrations. 

Documentary film : J. Kusmider, Pictures J. Dobrowolska

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