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March 27-29 2015 - 'Milosc Don Kichota'


Once again  our Vancouver Polish Theatre is capturing the audience with high level performance.


The Premiere was an amazing success with long standing ovations. Recognized by Polish Society of Professional Artists and being the biggest and most active Polish Theatre outside of Poland the Vancovuer Polish Theatre proved to deliver at its best. 


Congratulations to all involved, artists, producers, choreographers and director Marek Czuma for all the efforts and the end result we all got to see. We are hopeful that your passion will continue to provide our Polonia community with many more great performances in the future. 


Please see pictures from the premiere below. 


Pictures J. Dobrowolski, I. Swiatczak


Guests, sponsors and representatives Polonia organizations are enjoying recepton, and meeting  members of The Vancouver Polish Theatre after the play. 

After successful 3 days of  playing 'Milosc Don Kichota' to vancouver area audience, members of the theatre met to reflect, celebrate, share experiences and plan for the future. Speaking on the name of theatre  Andrew Gajos, representing Canadiang Polish Congress BC, Andrew Dobrowolski. and representing Winnipeg Theatre 

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