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Victoria  November 27th , 2022
104 Anniversary of Poland regaining an Independence 

White Eagle Polish Association in Victoria hosted the celebration commemorating 104. Anniversary of Poland regaining its independence after 123 years of being partitioned and off the official maps. We are proud to be an independent country with rich history of protecting and fighting for freedom in Europe and around the world.  On November 27th 2022 , Iwona Swiatczak, Vice -Presidnt of CPC BC had an honour to recognize valuable  members of Victoria Polish Canadian community for their exceptional contributions to Polonia in our province .
Diplomas to recognize outstanding contributions to Canadian Polish Community in BC received 
Marek Lachowski - Dyrector of The Polish Theatre 'Bravo'
Ryszard Rudzki - Director of the Polish Folk Group 'White Eagle' 

The Polish Theatre 'BRAVO'  prepared full of colour and patriotism show of  12 th Book of 'Pan Tadeusz'. Audience loved it and big thank you to the whole group of amazing actors. 

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