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History of 'Hubertus' - Polish Fishing & Hunting Club

The 'St. Hubert' Club was established in 1991. First founding members were Mrs. Elizabeth Kozlowski and Mr. Jozef Szpyra. 

Property in Bridge Lake


Purchased in 1999 , over 12 ackres close to Twins Lakes Rd nr 3, South Cariboo District. 

Dinner & Dance parties organized by 'Hubertus' Club were always very popular in Polish Community.  Carnival, Hawaian or Halloween parties had great food and warm and welcoming atmosphere. 


Annual Father's Day Picnick organized by Hubertus in Quinsborough Park


Fishing and Ice Fishing Trips by 'Hubertus' members. 


Slide show - troph and award ceremony. 


Carnival Balls  and Santa Visits the Children. 


Hundreds of pictures from Hubertus activities  were displayed at the 50th Anniversary of Casimir's Church 


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