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Polish-Canadian Theater and Arts in BC


Many Polish artists and groups are creating and performing in British Columbia and Western Canada, here below we are introducing many of them. For more information please visit  the following link



Zbigniew Kupczynski - Vancuouver based Painter



Polish-Canadian abstract expressionist artist


Jerzy Kopczewski, actor, director, founder of  ' Popularny Theater' in Vancovuer 


Currently - Teatr Osobny 

Malgorzta i Jacek Niemirski


Founders of Polish Folks Dance Group POLONEZ


Artists, choreographers

History of Polish Canadian artists

Ryszard Wojciechowski (Wojtek) 1939-2003


go to artist website 


11th Anniversary of R.Wojciechowski death

Evening organized in SPK


Ryszard Kielb  -  Vancouver 



Ryszard Kielb talks about his own work during Art Exibition in 1994 - click to view...


Please see two slideshows picturing the artist and  his creations.


Pictures supplied by famiy of the artist Maria i Michal Pozniak.  Arist 


Art by Ryszard Kielb


About the  Artist Ryszard Kielb 

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