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Commemoration of victims of Marshall law in Poland  



President of the Canadian Polish Congress BC Branch Michael K. Dembek took part in a Mass for the intentions of Solidarity at St. Casimir’s Church in Vancouver. He was joined by the honourable MP Tom Kmiec (a Polish-Canadian). 


 They laid flowers down for the victims of the communist government in Poland. 

Later, Michael Dembek and invited guests attended the event held at the Polish Veterans Association that was dedicated to the solidarity movement.

The Honourable guests were MP Tomasz Kmiec, Vice Konsul Krzysztof Majewski, Konrad Kobielewski, and President of PVA Wojchiech Lenartowicz, Kamil Borys, Alicja Cichecki.

Canadian Polish Congress

Consulate General of the Republic of Poland in Vancouver

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