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Northwest Passage 2014 - Oct 7th.  

Captain Jerzy Kusmider is telling all about the successful expedition on the board of Polish sailing Yacht "Lady Dana 44".



Jerzy Kusmider, Vancouver based Captain took part in the Northwest Passage together with  Captain of  "Lady Dana 44"  Ryszard Wojnowski , 3 other very experienced  Polish Captains, and two additional crew members.

There were total of  7 sailors on the board of  "Lady Dana 44"  during this part of expedition. 


Many of us gathered curious about  the  stories on how the courages crew on the board of "Lady Dana 44" had conqured the rough conditions in Arctic/North Canada to cross this famous passage called Northwest Passage.

We got to see the difficulties and harsh weather conditions with endless ice around the boat. The relation from the expedition as usual was very interesting and supported with over 200  slides and 2 short films telling us about the life and people they met during this trip in Arctic. We would like to congratulate the whole Crew of "Lady Dana 44"  for this latest and truly great achievement.



We wish countless success to all the crew members  in future endavors and we are looking forward to many new stories.


Evening was hosted by Group 'Epizod' with President Irena Gostomska in the Polish Combatants in Vancouver. 

 Pictures I. Swiatczak, E. Kozlowski

More interesting facts from this trip and films from Captain Jerzy Kusmider to be found on his blog  

Blog Arctic 2014 - Northwest Passage


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