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Jakub Muda - alone across Canada 


Jakub Muda - samotnie przejdzie 8000 tys km przez Kanade

Click on the link  - real time spot tracing and reports from the road 

Canada is stretching from Westcoast to Eastcoast  for 8000 Km. This is the goal of 21 years old Jakub Muda, Polish Student living and studying Chemistry and Mathematics in Montreal. He started in Victoria on Jan 21st 2015 and since then he is on his way walking approx 20 - 40 km a day. Very long way in front of him but he is a great example on how to turn dreams into reality. Bravo Kuba we are all going to cheer for your success you will be a great example to young generation. 


Feb 4th Jakub was staying in Surrey although his day ended late, around 9pm on the intersection of 176 and Fraser Highway. This is where on Friday Feb 6th he will start the next day of his journey. Canadian Polish Congress BC is hoping to mobilize many of great members of Polish Community across Canada to welcome and help Jakub to achieve his dream and finish his 10 to 12 month journey from coast to coast. Inspired by Terry Fox and many others who believed that what appeard impossible is possible - Jakub is a very outgoing and friendly young man who definitely deserves to make friends wherever he goes. 


We all wish Jakub all the best and lots of sunny days on his journey. 



Canadian Polish Congress BC will contact Polonia in many cities on Jakub's way knowing that we can always count on a bit of help to make this trip easier and ensure the success. Everyone of us can do a little. Here are few pictures from the evening and meeting with Jakub. We are happy to sponsor satelite tracking device that will ensure maximum safety of Jakub on his way across Canada. 


Pictures A. Dobrowolski, I. Swiatczak

Here are few links to Jakubs website and facebook.

Please cheer him on his journey. 


You can also help cover the costs of this really difficult trip, or by providing shelter / food if you can in the cities or villages on his way to eastcoast.


We will post his whereabouts on the website. Please contact to help with the overnight stays and assistance. 

To help with costs please press the button <Buy Kilometers> on Jakubs page below.

Click on the links for real time road map  or reports from the road. 

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