2021 Fundraiser - Canadian Polish Congress BC 

Canadian Polish Congress of BC is getting ready to help reignite events  and activities in our community as soon as pandemic restrictions are lifted. Congress operates with  NO government funds and  solely relie on volunteers, member organizations and funds donated by people like you during our events in the Polish community or fundraiser.  Funds  will help to support many clutural events and Polish Schools in BC.  We kindly ask for your support  because  every $10 counts !!!

We will ship a copy of  the book about  Polish resistance leader Witold Pilecki 'The Volunteer' to the first 50 sponsors who donate  $50 or more to support Canadian Polish Congress activities.  

  Together We Matter !

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Donating to specific causes, events or to CPC/KPK  BC activities is easy. You can click the 'DONATE' button to submit electronic GIFT of funds. 



~~~   Please  remember to print your tax receipt    ~~~


On behalf of dedicated Board of Directors 

Thank You! 

for your generous donation to support our Polish Canadian community 


To make your special gift in person or if you have any questions related to donation program please contact us using this form

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