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Polish Cultural Days 2014


Organized by Tri-City Polonez Association, this annual event becomes more and more popular each year. This year we had the 9th event, started years ago by Bozena Lumkomska-Khan. Polish Days became very popular among Polonia. It became the time to show and celebrate our uniqueness and culture to fellow Canadians. We celebrated 2 Polish Days this year and by doing this organizers marked the 25th anniversary of Polonez Tri-City Association in a great way.

 There was a lot of good food prepared by volunteers and Polish Canadian Polonez Dance Group, music , artists, and countless festival visitors who were glad to support local Polonia organizations in its efforts to present Polish culture in our new home country Canada.  Congratulations for this outstanding and successful event. 


Opening Ceremony.

Among invited guests were representatives of Tri-City, Consulate General RP, Canadian Polish Congress, and sponsors of the event. 

Pictures : I. Swiatczak, J. Dobrowolska


Festivities - May 31st and June 1st 2014

Pictures : I. Swiatczak

More pictures from the Polish Days 2014 and see you Next Year. 


Busy organizers - place is ready and decorated for the first guests to arrive. Bravo - the last minute tasks were accomplished. 

pic. J. Dobrowolska


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