Polish Cultural Day 2016 in Tri-City 



A very successful  Polish Cultural Day in Port Coquitlam. This well known initiative by Tir-City Polonez Polish Association,  as every year, this time was no difference, a great start to the summer  and barbaque activities. 


The weather, the visitors, the artists and tables presenting exhibitions and activities  - all worked out great and everyone could find many things to do,  meet with friends and taste polish food.


Polish Cultural Day is very much appreciated by all Polish Canadians in Vancouver and Tri-City areas,  as well as  local community.  The day is a traditional celebration of everything connected to Poland and our culture, the time to appreciatae our heritage and country of origin.  This year the Polish city of Wroclaw which also is named the European Capital 2016 was introduced and promoted during the event with many displays and contests. 

As always there were many dedicated volunteers whos hard work makes the day possible and running somothely. On behalof of all of us thanks to all who helped and also everyone who came to spend the time celebrating just being a proud Polish for the day. 


Pictures I. Swiatczak, R. Slawski, J. Dobrowolska

Documentary Film J. Kusmider

Interviews with visitors and participants A. Kopczynski


Documentary prepared by Jerzy Kusmider.