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Polish Olimpic Gold Medalists from Rio visit Polish school in Surrey



Jan 28th, 2017


What a surprise for the kids in Surrey Polish School at Our Lady of Good Counsel.

The olimpic gold medalists from Rio Mrs. Magda Fularczyk-Kozlowska and Ms. Natalia Madaj visited the school to meet with the Polonia kids. The storries were very insipiring, both kids and parents had many questions for the unusual guests.  Once in a lifetime opportunity to directly meet such amazing and successful in the sport of rowing ladies. 


Thanks to the lovely principal of the school Mrs. Danuta Smigielska, father Jan Staszel, the teachers and parents for such a warm welcome. Below are the pictures from this visit arranged by Canadian Polish Congress BC. 

Natalia Madaj and Magdalena Fularczyk-Kozlowska with the students, teachers and parents of polish school in Surrey. 

Pictures S. Swiatczak, I. Swiatczak

Gold Olimpic Medal Winners

Gold Olimpic Medal Winners

From the left Magdalena Fularczyk-Kozlowska Natalia Madaj

Posing for pictures, taking to kids, sharing the experience of holding the GOLD medals

Telling stories of their careers.

Telling stories of their careers.

From the left Father Jan Staszel Natalia Madaj, Olimpic Gold Champion Iwona Swiatczak, President CPC BC Danuta Smigielska, Principal OLGC Polish School Magdalena Fularczyk-Kozlowska, Olimpic Gold Champion

In the company of gold medalists

In the company of gold medalists

Magdalena Fularczyk-Kozlowski, Slavek Swiatczak Natalia Madaj

From the left S. Swiatczak, M. Fularczyk-Kozlowski, N. Madaj, I. Swiatczak

It feels great to hold and ware an Olympic Gold Medal - Father Jan Staszel

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