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Polonez Dance Group 2017 Christmas Concert 

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Showcasing their new dances, costumes and great dancers - the group 'Polonez' entered the Christmas Season.  Congratulations again to Mr. and Mrs. Niemirski for the successful event. 


To the dancers and parents - what great kids! We are very proud of every one of you. The passion and love of the folks' dance from Poland is something very special that you all share. 

To the pair of young choreographers who will continue the legacy of Jacek and Malgosia Niemirski and lead the 'Polonez' Dance Group into the bright future - congratulations and thank you! 

Both Emilia Krupa, and Pawel Niemirski spent their childchood as dancers in the group. Now those very talented and committed dancers will step up to the leadership roles. 

Again congratulations to all artists who took the stage at this year's Christmas Concert. 


Beautiful ornaments and baked goods helped with the fundraising. Thanks to all sponsors.


If you wish to donate funds to help finance the Polones you can do so at any time by mail or on this website using the Donation to POLONEZ button. Canadian  Polish Congress BC  will send the funds over to the Polonez Group. 


 Photos : Jadwiga Dobrowolska, Aneta and Piotr Cichecki