July 10, 2016 - Polonia Picnic in Port Moody 



The members of Tri-City Polonez Association invited everyone to come to their annual summer picnic this year. The food was delicious as usual and it is definitely safe to say that  no-one can resist a good 'Kielbasa and pierogi'! Even the weather was just right, thank GOD!  During the picnic the main attraction besides the finest company and food was off course  the finals of European Soccer Cup. What a great reason to get-together to enjoy the game. Portugal won this interesting game which made most of the Polish funs happy. 

Congratulations to all Tri-City members for their initiatives, and to the President Tony Kostka and members of the board for their commitment to make things work.


The 2016 was a very successful year, with many reasons to celebrate. We are wishing you even more success in the coming years. 


Pictures: H. Kostka, J. Mazurek, M. Radoszewski, R. Slawski