John Paul Walden sings Wrzaskala in Evergreen Theatre Coquitlam. Very well done Valentines Concert.


Great success of the performance on Saturday Feb 13th 2016. Enjoyed by both Polish and Canadian audience. Congratulations Ryszard , John Paul, Luda and other artists. Thanks to all for participating. 


It’s the second time Walden has paired up with Wrzaskala. In 2013, the tenor sang at a Vancouver recital in honour of the Port Moody resident, who was celebrating 60 years in the business. The gala event was supported by the Consulate of Poland.

Before moving to Canada in 1969, Wrzaskala conducted the Legnica State Symphony Orchestra in his native Poland. He won the top prize in a Polish radio song competition, moved to Warsaw and composed for Polish radio and T.V. In 1968, he conducted the National Dance Company of Poland.

But while he’s had a prolific career in eastern Europe, Wrzaskala hasn’t had much of a following in Canada.

Walden hopes to change that.

Two months ago, they cut 14 tracks at The Warehouse Studio in Gastown — in an astonishing five hours — for a new CD titled Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow. Walden said it contains compositions from the mid-1990s to modern day. “People are really liking it especially the kids,” Walden said, holding the new CD in his hand. “The songs have very catchy melodies.”

For this Saturday’s concert, the Riverside choir (under music teacher Glenda Ottens) will accompany the pair for four songs while Russian vocalist Luda Gogolinski sings duets with Walden for a few other numbers. Mark Bender on bass while Jonathan Reichard is on drums.


Pictures J. Dobowolska