Commemorating 'Cursed Soldiers'  - SPK Feb 28th



After the occasional mass in St. Casimir Church, the celebration continued in Polish Veterans Hall. 


K. Olendzki , Consul General of Poland  on behalf of Polish Government honoured Mrs. Stefania Stawecka the 'Krzyz Zeslancow Sybiru'. 

Mr. Stanislaw Jaworski and Mrs. Krystyna Bohdanowicz,  members of SPK received 'Srebrny Krzyz SPK'  fromVeterans Association President E. Skrzymowska.


After the formal part of the day, guests viewed the film 'Rotmistrz Pilecki'. It is a very touching storry, about one of so many young lives lost in fight with early comunism in Poland. 

Congratulations to the Polish Veterans Association for the well organized and meaningful afternoon.


Pictures: A. Manuski, T. Przystupa